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Volunteer to Help Get the Bottle Bill Update on the 2014 Ballot

by Cooper McKim on October 7, 2013

Info about the Bottle Bill ballot initiative Below:

The ballot initiative, if passed, would update the current bottle bill (the nickel deposit on carbonated beverage containers) to reflect changes in consumer taste and beverage sales. As a result, the recycling rate for these “new” beverages would increase from their current 22% to 80%. Bottle litter, which is mostly water and other non-carbonated beverages, would significantly decrease.

Specific changes:
  1. This would add non-carbonated beverages (e.g. bottled water, iced teas, sports drinks, and fruit juices), except dairy products, infant formula, and FDA approved medicines. Beverages in cardboard containers and juice boxes would not be added.
  2. The Massachusetts Secretary of Environmental Affairs would review the handling fee, the amount paid to grocers and redemption centers, and make adjustments for inflation. (This is paid by the bottlers, not the public.) The deposit amount would also be reviewed and adjusted for inflation.
  3. The proposed law would re-establish a Clean Environment Fund to receive forfeited deposits, just as it had existed previously. These funds would help fund recycling efforts, protect our water resources, help clean up our parks, and help fund projects that would improve air quality, and help combat climate change.

Volunteer Opportunity Information

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