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Urban Tree Internship

by Ivara J. Roth on March 29, 2019

The City of Quincy is looking for a qualified partner to conduct a comprehensive tree survey of its critical urban forest.  We maintain over 20,000+ trees along our city’s streets that play a crucial role in our local environment.  With the help of a new GIS coordinator, we are looking to survey each and every tree along our streets in an effort to strengthen and improve our urban forest.  We recognize the role that we can play in combating climate change.  Our goal is to identify the species, size, condition, and stresses associated with each individual tree.  From our survey, we hope to coordinate a long-term plan for future maintenance and planting strategies.

Our urban trees face challenges from all directions – we want to plan appropriately to protect these critical resources. We are looking for strategic educational partnerships to assist us.

This internship opportunity will likely require 3 or 4 students for a period of 2-3 months.  We do not require certified arborists, but teachable students with an understanding of environmental science.  Our Tree Warden and Arborist will work with them as support resources as needed.  There would be a significant amount of canvassing involved.

David Murphy,

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