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Sustainability Planner, Central Pennsylvania

by Ivara J. Roth on April 12, 2019

The position is open until filled, and we expect the first review of applications of April 26, 2019.  

The details of submitting an application are on the COG webpage at Just click on the “Job Opportunities” tab on the right side on the page.

 The Sustainability Planner will prepare, monitor, coordinate, and provide direction for the implementation of the Centre Region Climate Action and Adaption Plan. The Plan will move the Centre Region towards the next step to a more environmentally sustainable future. Working collaboratively with municipalities, other Centre Region Council of Governments (COG) agencies, and other stakeholders, the position will assist with policies, programs, and initiatives that promote local environmental, energy, economic, and social sustainability. The position will require a skilled facilitator to work with municipal governing bodies to develop strategic direction, build partnerships with the community and government agencies, and establish Region-wide programs that inspire the community to embrace sustainable practices that will lessen greenhouse gas emissions in the Region. 

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: The duties described below are indicative of projects the Sustainability Planner may be assigned. Other duties may be assigned on an as needed basis. 

  • • Complete the Centre Region greenhouse gas inventory utilizing Clearpath. 
  • • Lead the preparation of the Centre Region Climate Action and Adaption Plan with assistance from the Centre Regional Planning Agency (CRPA) Director and CRPA staff. 
  • • Work independently to manage sustainability initiatives and programs that are recommended in the Climate Action and Adaption Plan. 
  • • Serve as the COG representative to boards, commissions, and organizations engaged in issues pertaining to sustainability and environmental management. 
  • • Assist municipalities with development of elements that codify sustainability-related policy into a regulatory framework for local zoning and subdivision ordinances. 
  • • Advise and respond to elected officials about sustainability issues. 
  • • Conduct policy analysis and development for consideration by elected officials. 
  • • Collect and analyze data and propose recommendations based on that data to the Planning Director. 
  • • Communicate sustainability with local government staff. 
  • • Advocate COG’s sustainability goals with the public and provide updates on the progress made to accelerate those goals. 
  • • Engage with county, state, and federal agencies in support of furthering Centre Region sustainability initiatives. 

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