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Recent graduate/student population ecology position

by Ivara J. Roth on December 6, 2019

Title: Quantitative Ecologist (Student/Recent Graduate)
Position: Student Service Contractor
Organization: U.S. Geological Survey, Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center
Location: La Crosse, Wisconsin
Hourly Rate of Pay:
$21.67 (GS Scale Equivalent GS-07; BA/BS with Superior Academic Achievement)
$26.51 (GS Scale Equivalent GS-09; MA/MS-level)
$32.07 (GS Scale Equivalent GS-11; PhD-level)
Duration: <$1 year (approx. 248 work days)
Application Deadline: 18 December 2019
Start date: As soon as possible

Job Summary:
Primary service provided by the student/recent graduate is to run, analyze and document population models used to support the control of Asian carp.
Three positions are being posted and one will be filled based upon the education and experience-level of the best candidate. 

Project Description:
The student or recent graduate will provide support to the development of the population-level models. This activity at the Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center is in collaboration with the US Fish and Wildlife Service. The goal of this effort is to produce a decision support to guide the control of non-native Asian carp.

Services to be Provided:
The student or recent hire will work closely with a Research Quantitative Ecologist to help run, analyze, and develop  models. At the BA/BS-level, the student or recent hire will be expected to run the population model in R with minimal guidance and assist with model analysis and writeup. At the MS/MA-level, the student or recent hire will be expected to complete the above services as well as independently identify types of analysis for the model and new scenarios. At the PhD-level, the student or recent hire will be expected to the above services as well as assist in guiding the direction of the model and leading efforts to document SEAcarP. At all levels, the student or recent graduate will be responsible for assisting with partner communications and either knowing R and Git or being able to quickly learn these programs as part of disseminating and releasing results

There are three sets of qualifications, depending upon the position:  the BS/BA requires  a baccalaureate or higher degree with superior academic achievement is required and general knowledge of ecology and biological data is preferred; the MS/MA requires completion of at least 1 year graduate-level coursework in population ecology, quantitative ecology, quantitative fisheries science, quantitative wildlife science, quantitative conservation biology, applied mathematics, applied statistics, or biometrics; the  PhD requires requires the same as the MS/MA-level plus demonstrated experience publishing. All levels require knowledge of population modeling.  Prior experience with R or similar languages (e.g., Python, Matlab)  are highly desirable.

Required Documents:
Cover Letter: brief letter describing interest in position.  Resume: include  contact information, as well as, relevant knowledge, skills, abilities, experience, and contact information for three references.  Transcript: unofficial transcript that includes proof of degree earned and Superior Academic Achievement; or letter from university registrar or academic advisor.  For description of Superior Academic Achievement see Section 5.4.f in

Students are eligible if they graduated with a college/university degree less than 12 months ago and are at least 18 years of age.  Non-US citizens may be eligible to participate, depending on their immigration status and the applicable regulations of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service.  USGS employees, their spouses, and their children are not eligible to participate in this program.

Students are paid for each hour worked. Students will be working as independent contractors and do not receive a premium rate for work beyond 8 hours/day or 40 hours/week. Additionally, students are paid only for hours worked (with no holiday or personal leave benefits).  Students do earn 1 hour of sick leave for every 30 hours worked.  Pay Rates for students include cost of self-employment taxes for social security and Medicare.  Off-site work is not initially permitted.  This announcement is to fill one vacancy.

How To Apply e-mail
Richard A. Erickson
U.S. Geological Survey

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