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Student Climate Fellows

by Maya J. Sze on October 1, 2021

Openings for Student Climate Fellows

To apply: send an email to express your interest to We will follow up with you.

The commitment is 3 hours per week on average.

This position is for Change the Chamber*Lobby for Climate, a coalition of environmental groups and non-profit organizations working together to achieve the science-based legislation we urgently need for climate solutions. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is a key obstructing trade group with its powerful pro-fossil fuel lobbying. Giant corporations are U.S. Chamber of Commerce members, and are particularly sensitive to youth. We are encouraging more corporations to stop obstructing and start supporting science-based climate policy. We have had successful communications with Bank of America, Citi, Disney, Coca-Cola and many others. We select Climate Fellows to conduct research, provide media coverage, and engage with important stakeholders (i.e. policymakers and corporate leaders) in the climate policy conversation. Each Fellow participates in two of our ten core teams.  

Why Should Students Apply?

At Change the Chamber, we pride ourselves on our robust fellowship program, which seeks to provide a unique volunteer opportunity to all Fellows while empowering individuals to advance the work of climate action in a substantial way. We provide students opportunities to learn the skills they need for their career and for climate solutions. In addition to the responsibilities listed below, we encourage fellows to proactively suggest new projects that advance Change the Chamber’s goals and create opportunities for their professional growth.

Various opportunities/responsibilities

  • Tracking the U.S. Chamber’s efforts to lobby against climate policy and fund climate-deniers
  • Conducting analysis for reports sent to various corporations
  • Writing blog posts for the Change the Chamber website and weekly newsletter
  • Designing social media posts and creating the accompanying graphics
  • Reaching out to key stakeholders and inviting them to engage in conversation
  • Most fellows participate in multiple teams — options include Research, Congressional Outreach, Target Communications, Direct Action, Environmental Justice, Legal, Graphic Design, and Social Media

Preferred Qualifications

  • Good written and interpersonal communications skills
  • Ability to work independently after initial guidance
  • Flexible and able to tackle multiple assignments simultaneously
  • Attention to detail applied to research and written assignments

Apply now if you want to:

  • Help create the climate solutions we urgently need
  • Improve your research, writing, and communication skills
  • Become well-versed in how the lobbying of trade associations affect climate policy
  • Engage in networking opportunities with government officials, sustainability experts, academics, and others in the climate space
  • Enjoy a flexible schedule
  • Network with other students and professionals in this space

Duration: At least 3 months. 

Core Team
Change the Chamber*Lobby for Climate

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