Translating Nutrition Science:
From Data to Action!

Nutrition and public health fields are gaining attention as research discoveries emphasize linkages between nutritional wellbeing and nearly every corner of our livelihoods. This growing demand illustrates the need for a central forum where students, researchers, academics, and young professionals can share, discuss, and explore emerging topics in nutrition and public health. Furthermore, the increasing volume, velocity, and variety of nutrition and public health data requires student competency in computational capabilities and applied knowledge of data science. This encourages targeted panels and workshops aimed at introducing and refining data science techniques and analytical methods from across disciplines, institutions, and generations.

This year’s symposium marks 14 years of student-run conferences focused on the future of food, nutrition, and data at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University. This year’s conference centers on the theme of Translating Nutrition Science from Data to Action. In doing so, we provide a forum for sharing nutrition research, discussing real-world challenges and controversies, and exploring the role of data analytics in nutrition and public health. This multi-day symposium provides an opportunity for student data science skill development and experience conducting research presentations. Together, these focuses enable students to both engage in technical and computational skill building and promote their own research works at a single venue. Together, we can empower students to become accomplished data scientists and science communicators to impact nutrition and public health policies!

Total Conference Attendees: 920

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