The Student Alliance for Social Justice & Racial Equity is dedicated to addressing issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion within the student, staff, and faculty communities at Friedman and the broader community. We also focus on how the Friedman community can better address issues of systemic racism and oppression – especially within the food system – in its teachings, research, and programs.

Alliance Members

Community Partnerships Committee: Janna Adkins, Ricardo Moreno, Julia Ryan, Lizzy Cooper, Bex Barstow

Open Letter Committee: Sarah Laves, Elena Martinez, Alexandria Schmall, Ricardo Moreno, Melissa Gordon, Liz Marsh

Events Committee: Beth Williams, Dana Bourne, Hamsa Ganapathi, Sam Polzin, Natali Volin

Communications Committee: Amanda Dell, Sam Polzin

Contact Information

Email: Friedmanstudentalliance@gmail.com