Policies and Procedures

  1. Tufts Paws for People members shall complete the Pet Partners® registration and shall follow these and Pet Partners® Policies and Procedures at all times while visiting with their animal.

  2. Before taking their own registered animal on a visit, new Tufts Paws for People members shall complete the following steps:
    • Shadow an existing Tufts Paws for People team for at least one visit to observe current policy
    • Set up visitation at a Pet Partners® facility (contact us to learn more about facilities)
    • The team (handler and animal) will be mentored for several visits by an existing Tufts Paws for People member to ensure visits are conducted in a consistent, high-quality manner
    • An already registered and experienced Pet Partner may be considered for exemption from the Tufts Paws for People shadowing/mentoring requirements if all other Tufts Paws for People Policies and Procedures are met. Volunteers seeking this option must submit their qualifications, and Pet Partners® registration number.

  3. Teams must wear either a Tufts Paws for People shirt or a Tufts Paws for People bandana on all visits (on handler, animal, or visit bag).

  4. Members will participate in at least one program activity/year (e.g., meetings, mentoring, events).

  5. Members with a registered animal should visit at least eight hours per year. Please keep track of the hours and site(s) visited as this information is required to maintain our Community Partner status.

  6. Any volunteer found not following the policies and procedures will be deemed as forfeiting Tufts Paws for People membership until the criteria have been met.