Tuesday, 16 of August of 2022

Animal Histology Core


Services provided by the Tufts Animal Histology Core


  • Frozen Sectioning

    • Preparation, freezing, and cutting of standard frozen sections
    • Fixing, staining, and cover-slippin
    • Note: Unsupervised investigator use of cryostat allowed following training
  • Tissue Trimming

    • Trimming of submitted fixed tissues to ensure best orientation for optimal assessment
    • Decalcification of bone specimens
  • Tissue Embedding

    • Correct orientation of samples in paraffin wax
  • Tissue Sectioning

    • Basic microtomy to produce standard 5µm paraffin sections
    • Advanced sectioning (e.g., step sectioning, levels, thick sections, etc.)
    • Unstained sections in preparation for immunohistochemistry or other procedures
  • Staining

    • Standard H&E and special stains
    • Rapid Hematoxylin and Eosin (H&E) for frozen sections
    • Coverslip slides