Wednesday, 12 of August of 2020

Clinical Pathology (Bloodwork)


We have a limited number of tests that we can provide in house, such as hematocrit, urinalysis, and blood glucose. We can make and stain blood smears. For most other clinical pathology requests, we send samples to a reference lab by overnight delivery. We highly recommend using a laboratory that specializes in animal, rather than human, blood samples. We only refer investigators to labs that have well established practices for validation of tests for research animal species. IDEXX has a preclinical research division that is set up well for research samples, including the very small volume rodent blood and serum samples, and their lab is local. Other reference labs, such as Antech, may also be used as needed, depending on the test requested and species. For more uncommon or research-specific requests such as hormones, immunoglobulins, or CK isoenzymes, AniLytics in Maryland is often the only company that provides these tests for rodent and other animal species blood samples.

If you have a need for any hematology, serum clinical chemistry, or cytology, our staff will be pleased to recommend a reference lab and test codes to meet your needs, package and ship your samples according to IATA/DOT requirements, and answer any clinical pathology questions you may have.

  • help selecting the most appropriate tests from the list of available tests
  • guidance on which blood tubes to use
  • blood collection
  • often we have microtainer blood tubes available to give you at no charge from IDEXX
  • guidance on optimal collection techniques (hematology labs will refuse samples if there are visible clots in the sample, because clots make the cell count results inaccurate)
  • helpful tips on how to get the most data out of tiny rodent blood volumes
  • assistance from a veterinary pathologist with interpretation of results
  • recommendations on how to establish normal refererence values to use in your study
  • free shipping provided by IDEXX if you request our lab to send the samples
  • training and instruction on how to make optimal blood smears