A Student-Led Club at Fletcher

Technology is becoming more and more central as both a tool and a player in international affairs. In the rapidly-evolving context of technology in global affairs–from cybersecurity, to crisis mapping, to global internet governance and more–Tech@ Fletcher believes that every student planning to go into international affairs, international law or international business needs to be familiar with the implications of technology in their area of study. While Fletcher students may not be the people coding new tools and apps, we will be managing people who are and will need to have the vocabulary and skills to communicate both with engineers and management/clients to ensure that technology is deployed effectively.

Tech@Fletcher aims to have the understanding of technology recognized as a core competency for Fletcher students, regardless of their field of study. In order to meet this goal, Tech@Fletcher will carry out the following objectives: raise the profile of technology in international affairs; deepen the technology competency of Fletcher students’ strengthen the network of technology focused students and alumni; foster stronger professional pipelines; establish Fletcher as a leader in the field of technology in the international context; and strengthen the curriculum around technology.

Resource Guide

Events Sponsored by the Tech@Fletcher Club:


  • Fall 2020 Semester Open Meeting
  • Speaker Events
    • Munish Walter-Puri of NYC Cyber Command
    • 3rd Annual Decolonizing International Relations Conference Tech Panel
    • Ask a Journalist: Cyberscoop’s Sean Lyngaas
  • Spring 2021 Semester Open Meeting
  • Tech Career Trek
  • Workshops
    • Data Visualization Workshop


  • Workshops
    • Powerpoint Workshop with Fletcher Women in Business
    • Agile Workshop
  • Virtual San Francisco Career Trek
  • Career Panels and Information Sessions
    • Alumna Career Chat Series
  • Working Groups, Hackathons, & Other Activities
    • Fletcher Coding Working Group
    • Cybersecurity Working Group
    • Hoover Institution & U.S. Naval War College – War Game


  • Workshops
    • Data Visualization Skills Workshops
    • Other practical skills training
  • Conferences
    • Tufts Energy Conference: Hitachi Energy Innovation Prize
    • Arctic Conference
    • Gender Conference: Tech Policy and Gender
    • Political Risk Conference
    • Innovations Conference: Tech4Good
    • Africana Conference
    • Water Symposium
  • San Francisco Career Trek
  • Career Panels and Information Sessions
    • Alumni career chat series
    • Internship panel
    • Fletcher Founders Panel
    • Career talks
  • Brown Bag Lunch Series and Speaker Events
  • International Development Hackathon


  • Conferences
  • Digital Data Collection for Development and M&E Workshop
  • Salesforce / Workshops
  • Career site visits and information sessions
  • Capstone Colloquium


  • Conferences
    • Fletcher Ideas Exchange
    • Tufts Energy Conference
    • Africa Conference: Tech Panel
    • Innovations Conference: Civic Innovation Panel
  • Workshops
    • Palantir Big Data Practical Skills Workshop
    • Intro to Python Programming (6 sessions)
    • Salesforce Workshops (2 stand-alone workshops)
  • Speaker Events
  • Networking/Social Events
  • Career Info Sessions
  • Ebola Hackathon Team
  • Hack4Congress Team

2021-2022 Leadership

Mariam Amini

Mariam Amini is a dual degree student of Cybersecurity and Public Policy at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and the Tufts School of Engineering. She is studying network system vulnerabilities and international cyber conflict resolution. Before Tufts, Mariam held communications roles at Human Rights Watch, CNBC, Pentagon, and the White House.

Samantha Hubner

Samantha Hubner is a MALD candidate at the Fletcher School through the Map Your Future program, where she specializes in geospatial data analytics, national security in the cyber domain, and technology policy, with a regional focus on Southeast Asia. Coming from both the worlds of DC and Silicon Valley, she is passionate about breaking down barriers to improve inclusivity and accessibility across international affairs, policymaking, and big tech.

Katya Mayerson

Katy Mayerson is a second-year MALD candidate with a focus on tech policy and international organizations. Her interests combine cybersecurity, video game diplomacy, and software localization. Katy previously held legal administrative roles in the U.S. and Brazil. She has additional research and work experience in Russia and Ukraine.

Neil Maheshwari is increasingly concerned with the prevalence of his data online, and therefore has not submitted a photograph. A MALD candidate at Fletcher, Neil is interested in governance and development issues, and believes that technology may play a positive role in both.

For more information on Tech@Fletcher and our upcoming activities, find us on Facebook, our Events Page, or email us at