Short Bio

  • Ph.D.: Mathematics, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2003
  • M.S.: Electrical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2003
  • Maîtrise: Mathematiques, Universite Nationale du Benin, 1996
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    Research Interests

    My research interests lie in pure applied and computational harmonic analysis, as well as in analysis and differential equations on fractals and graphs.
    For more details see my publications, or my profile on
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    Students and Postdocs

  • Martin Buck, Ph.D. May 2025 (expected); Tufts
  • Shuang Guan, Ph.D. May 2025 (expected); Tufts
  • Matthew Hirn, Ph.D., 2009, UMD (J. Benedetto, Co-Advisor)
  • Clare Wickman, Ph.D., 2014; UMD
  • Matt Begué, Ph.D., 2016, UMD (J. Benedetto, Co-Advisor)
  • Chae Clark, Ph.D., 2016, UMD (W. Czaja, Co-Advisor)
  • Ganiou Atindéou, Ph.D., 2018, IMSP (Bénin), (Y. Kouagou, Co-Advisor)
  • Shujie Kang, Ph.D. 2020, UMD, (J. Benedetto, Co-Advisor)
  • Jens Christensen, Postdoc 2009-2011, UMD, now Associate Professor at Colgate University.
  • Xuemei Chen, Postdoc 2012-2014, UMD, now Assistant Professor at University of North Carolina Wilmington.
  • Divyang Bhimani, Postdoc, 2018-2019, UMD, now Assistant Professor at IISER Pune (India).
  • Gamal Mograby, Potdoc, 2020-2023.
  • Christopher Dock, Potdoc, 2022-present.