Bernard DeVoto, my father’s website; I compiled and set it up myself, with expert assistance from my daughters

Perspectives of New Music, one of the most important journals for composers today; I have served on the Editorial Board since 1972

Tufts University Music Department, where I taught for 19 years

University of New Hampshire Music Department, where I taught for 13 years

Reed College Music Department, where I taught for 4 years

Summerkeys, near where I live during the summer.

The New England Chapter of the American Musicological Society.

My daughter Emily is a health care consultant and an expert chef. Read her food blog.

Special musical links

Music of Remembrance

Alban Berg Stiftung

Von Tonarten und vielerley Vorzeichen

Arnold Schoenberg Center

Harvard Musical Association

Lili Boulanger Memorial Fund, Inc.


Sigmund Abeles

Peter Langston

Henry Flynt

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Ouvroir de Littérature Potentielle


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