Thesis Advisees

Julia Miller, M.A. 2018
Capstone: Exploration of Inorganic Chemical Pollution in California’s Groundwater

Margaret Brown, M.A. 2018
Thesis: Hooked on Safety: An analysis of Commercial Fishing Safety and Training Opportunities

Jake Mittleman, M.A. 2018
Thesis: Keeping Passenger Ferry Systems Afloat: What can Boston learn from other water transportation systems around the country?

Paulina Muratore, M.S. 2018
Thesis: Planing for Low-Carbon Transportation Systems


Matthew Amato, M.S. Environ Econ and Urban Planning 2018
Thesis: Measuring the Impacts of Cooperative Participation on Vanilla Farmers in Madagascar


Elizabeth Gohringer, M.A. 2017
Thesis: Pedestrian Plazas: A Case Study of Best Practices in Three U.S. Cities

Nicolas Dahlberg, M.S. Environmental Economics and
Urban Planning 2017
Thesis: The Effects of State Energy Policy on Residential Electric Energy Burden


Brooke Schwartz, M.A. 2017
Thesis: Location, Location, Location: An Analysis of Safe Haven Siting in New York City

Lauren Shuffleton Drago, M.A. 2017
Thesis: Liquor License Distribution in Boston: Exacerbating Economic Disenfranchisement

Megan Krey, M.A. 2016
Thesis: Age-Friendly Park Programs: Lessons for Boston

Kathleen O’Brien, M.A. 2016
Director, Everett Community Health Partnership at Cambridge Health Alliance
Thesis: Gritty and Growing: An Exploration of Commercial Urban Agriculture in Everett, MA

Ian Thistle, M.A. 2015
Policy Analyst, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA), Boston, MA
Thesis: Build it: A Feasibility Study of GIS-Based Analyses of Cycling Infrastructure

Krysti Turnquest, M.A. 2015Picture for Mary
Interests: Youth Programming and Policy, Social Policy, Social Entrepreneurship, Juvenile Justice
Thesis: Youth Voices in Positive Youth Development: A Case Study

Becca Toole, M.S. 2015, Economics and UEP
Thesis: The Energy Ladder: A Valid Model for Household Fuel Transitions in Sub-Saharan Africa?

Breann Jeffries, M.A. 2015
Student Dean, Boston Public Schools
Interests: Education Policy, Child Development, Criminal Justice
Thesis: Disciplinary Trends in Boston Area Schools: Programming to Improve Conflict Resolution Practices and Close the Education Gap

Hanaa Abdel Rohman, M.A. 2015hanaaprofilepic
Interests: Air Quality and Community Development
Thesis: Air Quality and Sustainable Redevelopment: The Case of Construction in Dudley Square

Marga Hutcheson, M.A. 2015MargueriteHutcheson
Interests: Active Transportation, Community Development, and GIS
Thesis: Older Adult Active Transportation in Massachusetts


Kristine Keeney, M.A. 201510614406_10100730323213295_1570413246392626637_n
Interests: Active Transportation and Rural Community Development
Thesis: Enhancing Rural Community Assets through Active Transportation Planning: A Case Study of Norway, Maine

Michael Coty, M.A. 2014M. Coty photo
Energy Efficiency Analyst, GDS Associates, Manchester NH
Interests: Water, Energy, Corporate Sustainability, Climate Change
Thesis: Sustainability Reporting: An analysis of programs and metrics reported by top manufacturers in New England

Jennifer Molina, M.A. 2014IMG_7844
Transportation Planner, City of Somerville, MA
Interests: Municipal Government, Transportation Planning & Policy, Land Use, Public Health, Community Development, GIS, Research/Evaluation, Civic Technology and Public Engagement Practices
Thesis: The Case for Crowdsourcing in Bicycle Planning: An Exploratory Study

Adrienne Dale, M.S. in Conservation Medicine 2014Dale
Program Coordinator for the Smithsonian Animal Morbidity and Mortality Monitoring Program (AMMP)
Interests: Disease Transmission, Economics, Wildlife Management, Human-Wildlife Conflict, Conservation
Thesis: A Comparison of Canine Rabies Control Programs in Thailand and the Guangdong Province in China: A Case Study Approach

Nathan Robins, M.A. 2013image
Consultant, Deloitte
Interests: Climate, Energy, Energy Efficiency
Thesis: Worker Programs and Resource Use: Evidence from Better Work Jordan


Christina Kim, M.A. 2013image
Research Manager, Boston Redevelopment Authority Research Division
Interests: Sustainable Transportation, Urban Planning for the Needs of Youth
Thesis: The Journey to School: A Case Study at Mission Hill School

Laura Crossley, M.A. 2013
Industrial Stormwater Inspector, Maine Department of Environmental Protection
Thesis: Overcoming Challenges to Zero Waste in Massachusetts: Analysis and Recommendations

Melissa Woods, M.A. 2012Melissa Headshot 144
Planner, City of Somerville
Interests: Land Use, Urban Design, Environmental Health, Sustainability
Thesis: Yellow Card: Potential Neighborhood Impacts of a Soccer Specific Stadium Development in East Somerville

Kristin Feierabend, M.A. 2012
Thesis: Exploring the Role of Boston’s Community Health Centers in Improving Healthy Food Access

Lydia Rainville, M.A. 2012image
Economic and Policy Analyst, U.S. Department of Transportation
Interests: Economics, Transportation Policy, Program and Impact
Evaluation, Intelligent Transportation Systems

Thesis: Taxing for Transit: An Exploratory Analysis of Local Option Transportation Taxes

Brielle Kissel Meade, M.S. 2012, Economics and UEPimage
Consultant, Economics, Information Management Services at Eastern Research Group, Inc., Lexington, MA
Interests: Analytics, Data Mgt& Programming, Program Evaluation, Applications/ Model Development, Economics, Survey Implementation, & Project Mgt
Thesis: Moving Consumers Up the Waste Hierarchy with the Paint Product Stewardship Initiative’s Oregon Pilot Program

Erica Walker, M.S. 2012, Economics and UEPimage
Doctoral student, Harvard School of Public Health
Interests: Noise and Mental/Cardiovascular Health, Occupational Health, Air Pollution, Exposure Modeling
Thesis: Constructing a Noise Propagation Model to Assess Community Noise Levels Stemming From Road Traffic: The Case of Somerville, MA

Dallase Scott headshot2

Dallase Scott, M.A. 2010
Manager of Sustainability Services, GreenerU, Watertown, MA
Interests: Behavior Change Theory, Psychology of Group Dynamics, Campus Sustainability, Facilitation, Strategic Planning
Thesis: Shifting from Saying to Doing: Evaluation of an Environmental Course Designed to Create Environmental Change Agents

Kendall Webster, M.A. 2010kendall
Environmental Planner, Oakland, CA
Interests: CEQA, Funding for Water Resources Management Agencies, Environmental Health and Safety Auditing
Thesis: In Hot Water: Temperature TMDLs in the Pacific Northwest

Samuel Anderson, M.A. 2009
Thesis: The Market for Fair Trade Cocoa

Holly Elwell, M.A. 2009image
Program Manager, AICP, Climate Smart Cities, The Trust for Public Land, Washington D.C.
Interests: Community Resilience, Environmental Planning, Risk Management, and Spatial Planning
Thesis: Community-Based Watershed Management and Climate Change Adaptation

Suzanne Pude, MA 2009
Thesis: Financing Off-Grid Wind Projects in Rural Communities

William Smith, M.A. 2009
imageLead Forestry Technician, US Forest Service, Mt. Hood National Forest, Oregon
Interests: Forest Management, Land Use, Sustainability, Conservation Planning
Thesis: Forest Waste as a Fuel Source