Instructor of Record

The Fletcher School, Tufts University:                                         Fall 2023

Lecturer, International Security

Wellesley College, Department of Political Science:                    Spring 2022

Visiting Lecturer, World Politics

Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies (APCSS):                     2017-2019

Military Professor, Lectured on Northeast Asia Security Dynamics; National Security Strategy and Indo-Pacific Engagement; Cross-cultural Communication; Strategic Foresight; To Win Without Fighting; and The Philosophical Roots of Chinese Strategic Thought. Led Seminar-based learning.

Central Texas College (Aboard USS BOXER):                                     2003

Lecturer, American Government (the college failed to process my contract before the US Navy ship I taught on returned to port. To ensure students received credit, the class was processed under a different instructor’s name. Consequently, there is no record I taught this course)

Teaching Fellow

The Fletcher School, Tufts University: International Security, w/ Dr. Monica Toft                                                                                Fall 2022

Guest Lecturer

National Geospatial-intelligence College:                           September 2023

Course: Assessing Military Power

Lecture: “All Under Heaven: Strategy Shaped by a Chinese Worldview”

Lecture: “Strategic Competition: PRC Security Policy on the Rise”

Australian Defence College:

Course: Strategos Course: Strategic Theory for Practice

Lecture: “Chinese Philosophy and Strategic Thought: Theory for Practice”                                                                                            August 2023

Course: Advanced Military Studies

Lecture: “Defending Taiwan in the Twenty-First Century”      March 2023

The Fletcher School, Tufts University:

Course: The Role of Force in International Politics

Lecture: “Introduction to Military Strategy”       Fall 2020, Fall 2021, Fall 2022

International Programs and Partnerships, Tufts University:

Course: Keio University Exchange Program

Lecture: “The Philosophical Roots of Chinese Strategic Thought”    Spring 2020

Teaching Assistant

The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University:

Master of Global Business Administration: International Security        Fall 2023

The Role of Force in International Politics, Dr. Richard Shultz   Fall 2020, Fall 2021

The Role of Force in International Politics, Dr. Jeffrey Taliaferro   Summer 2021

Evolving Nature of Security in the 20th and 21st Centuries, Dr. Richard Shultz                                                                                   Spring 2021

Global Security and Crisis Management, Dr. Robert Pfaltzgraff and Dr. Richard Shultz                                                                      Spring 2021

21st Century Intelligence and National Security, Dr. Richard Shultz Spring 2021

Tufts University, Department of Political Science:

Introduction to International Relations, Dr. Michael Beckley       Fall 2021

Chinese Foreign Policy, Dr. Michael Beckley                         Spring 2021

Tufts University, Department of History:

History of Pre-modern China, Dr. Man Xu                                 Fall 2021