Maria’s long and distinguished career was focused on the development of new heterogeneous catalysts for industrially important reactions, aimed at reducing their environmental burden and maximizing the efficiency of their use of precious metals. Maria is widely recognized for pioneering the field now known as single-site catalysis through her early experiments that identified the catalytic effect of cationic metals, contrary to the accepted wisdom at the time that metal nanoparticles are the active sites. This symposium honors Maria’s scientific legacy and features prominent researchers in many aspects of catalysis at all career stages.

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Date: September 29, 2023
Venue: Breed Memorial Hall, 51 Winthrop St, Medford, MA 02155

10:00aWelcome: Charles Sykes, Tufts University
Morning session chair: Hyunmin Yi, Tufts University
10:05aNathaniel Eagan, Tufts University
Leveraging Oxophilic Host Metals in Dilute Alloy Catalysis: The Design of Dilute Palladium-Indium Alloys for the Selective Hydrogenation of CO2 to Methanol
10:30aYogesh Surendranath, MIT (Invited Talk)
How Electrical Polarization Influences Thermochemical Catalysis
11:15aPrashant Deshlahra, Tufts University
Single-Atom Alloy Formation via Reaction-Driven Restructuring and its Catalytic Consequences
11:40aSusannah Scott, UC Santa Barbara (Keynote Lecture)
Strategies to Achieve Homogeneity and Origins of Heterogeneity in Single-Site Catalysts Based on Supported Transition Metal Ions
12:30pLunch and Poster Session
2:30pPanel Discussion: Grand Challenges and Emerging Technologies in Heterogeneous Catalysis
Omar Abdelrahman, UMass Amherst
Liney Árnadóttir, Oregon State University
Randall Meyer, ExxonMobil
Branko Zugic, Lydian Labs
Moderator: Charles Sykes, Tufts University
4:00pMaria Flytzani-Stephanopoulos Award for Creativity in Catalysis: Eranda Nikolla, University of Michigan
Embracing the Complexity of Heterogeneous Catalytic Structures: Electrocatalysis by Nonstoichiometric Mixed Metal Oxides