Week by week readings

Part One: Models as socially situated scientific tools.

Jan 18 stage-setting Ruha Benjamin’s keynote from Data for Black Lives conference (starts ∼14:45)
Jan 25 model types Michael Weisberg, Three Kinds of Models. 19 pages.
Feb 1 symbols David Kaiser, Pedagogy and the Institutions of Theory. 23 pages.
Feb 8 objectivity Ted Porter, Quantification and the Accounting Ideal in Science. 20 pages.
Feb 15 dimensions Stephen Jay Gould, Factor Analysis and the Reification of Intelligence . 44 pages.
Feb 22 reification Gould continued
Mar 1 people types Ian Hacking, Kinds of People: Moving Targets. British Academy Lecture. 18 pages.
Mar 8  your choice Bowker–Star, To Classify is Human.
Bowker–Star, The Case of Race Classification and Reclassification under Apartheid.
Daston, Enlightenment Calculations.
Forber–Smead, Evolution and the Classification of Social Behavior.
Hayes, Follow the Money.
Latour, Visualisation and Cognition: Drawing Things Together.
Martin–Lynch, Counting Things and People: The Practices and Politics of Counting.
Oreskes et al, Verification, Validation, and Confirmation of Numerical Models in the Earth Sciences.
Wigner, The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in the Natural Sciences.

Part Two: Data and artificial intelligence.

Mar 15 your choice Brayne–Rosenblat–boyd, Predictive Policing.
Breiman, Statistical Modeling: The Two Cultures.
Buolamwini–Gebru, Gender Shades: Intersectional Accuracy Disparities in Commercial Gender Classification.
Christin–Rosenblat–boyd, Courts and Predictive Algorithms.
Dawid, On Individual Risk.
Halevy–Norvig–Pereira, The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Data.
Hurley–Adebayo, Credit Scoring in the Era of Big Data. (Sec I–III)
Llamas-Rodriguez, Building the Virtual Wall.
Noble–Roberts interview, Engine Failure: The Problems of Platform Capitalism.
Mar 29 “Big Data” danah boyd and Kate Crawford, Critical Questions for Big Data. 18 pages.
David Auerbach, The Stupidity of Computers. 13 pages.
Apr 5
algorithms Tarleton Gillespie, The Relevance of Algorithms. 32 pages.
Apr 12
search James Grimmelmann, Some Skepticism About Search Neutrality. 25 pages.
James Grimmelmann, The Google Dilemma. 11 pages.
Apr 19 learning Matthew Jones, Querying the Archive: Data Mining from Apriori to PageRank. 15 pages.
Zachary Lipton, The Mythos of Model Interpretability. 9 pages.
Apr 26 randomness Persi Diaconis, The MCMC Revolution (Intro). 3 pages.
Peter Norvig, On Chomsky and the Two Cultures of Statistical Learning.  15 pages.