Spring 2023

Welcome to Tufts Monday Math Meeting. The talks are on Mondays 12-1:30 pm in JCC 501 and will include a snack(pizza/pops) provided by the math department! Feel free to pass by!

The meeting is meant to serve two goals: to expose participants to some mathematical concepts not taught in standard courses and to present ideas related to research. That being said, speakers are expected to start the talk with an overview and examples of their working field which are accessible to the upper-year undergraduates, and then march to their talk materials that are research-oriented for the graduate level. Talks will mostly be given by graduate students and undergraduate students. The talk by graduate speakers is typically for 45 minutes and 20 minutes by undergraduates.

The seminar is organized by JinCheng Wang and guided by Prof. Christopher Coscia. If you are interested in speaking or have any questions, please reach out.

(Have your mouse stay on the talk title to read the abstract, or click the link to access paper.)

2/13Vittoria CristanteNumber Fields With Galois Group GL2(Fp)
2/27Sam GomezAn Introduction to Ergodic Theory
3/6Shuang GuanPaley-Wiener Theorem
3/13Chandler SmithThe spectral theorem in infinite dimensions
3/27Fan TianTensor BM-product
4/3Flame RuethaimetapatEuclidean Construction
4/10Olha SusIBVP For a Parabolic Equation
4/17(Patriot’s day)
4/24Anca Andrei
5/1(Semester ends)

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