In the interests of not flooding your inbox and/or overwhelming your sensibilities, dear reader, we’re going to be doing a weekly roundup of museum news articles, instead of posting them at random. They’ll go out each Sunday as a sort of recap of the week that was. If you see any articles that you think we should include, drop us a line in the comments!

First, my favorite news item of the week by a landslide: Lawsuit involves T. rex at Museum of Rockies (did you know you can copyright a dinosaur skeleton? now you do!)

Second favorite, though, is this profile of a unique museum in Croatia: A Trip to the Museum of Broken Relationships

Vancouver’s Festival of Trees moves into the Pearson Air Museum

Return Nazi-looted art, panel tells Austrian museum

Camera Implanted in NYU Professor’s Skull (yes, this is related to museums)

Taft Museum gets its Santa

Ashes museum pieces (the National Sports Museum in Australia ‘s new exhibit, Ashes to Ashes: A Cracking Rivalry)

Exotic bird pelts ‘worth millions’ stolen from Natural History Museum by musician acting out ‘James Bond’ fantasy

Milwaukee Public Museum director starts with details