Welcome to our weekly roundup of news articles featuring museums!

The big news to highlight this week is that the New York Times’ annual museum issue is out. Check it out – there’s a lot of interesting things in there, and it will make a good Sunday read for those of you not buried under end-of-semester work.

In other news:

National Libraries and a Museum open up their data using CC0

L.A. museum prepares to display space shuttle Endeavour

Google to Announce Venture With Belgian Museum

Opportunities for new Getty museum leader

THE ROCK: Inland boulder arrives at LA museum

One step closer to a Children’s Museum that will teach and amaze

Why the Museum of the Confederacy Chose Not To Fly the Flag

Liverpool museums could start charging due to funding cuts

When Artists Take On Museums

Foreclosed Homeowners Inspire Architects to Float Housing Ideas

What Makes for Compelling Museum Websites? When to Break the Rules

Booth bobbleheads yanked in Springfield

Montauk Indian Museum Caught In Crossfire

Discovery’s popular ‘MythBusters’ hopes to amuse with first museum exhibit based on the show

Fatal accident at NY Jell-O Museum brings lawsuit

How The Terra Foundation Became A ‘Museum Without Walls’

German court orders rare art posters seized by Nazis to be returned to American man