Welcome to our weekly roundup of museums in the news.

First things first: congratulations to all the  MA students in Museum Education, History and Museum Studies, and Art History and Museum Studies who are graduating today, and congratulations to all the certificate students who completed their requirements this semester!

As proof that you can’t please everyone, here are a few reviews of the new Barnes Foundation museum in downtown Philadelphia.

Review: Barnes Foundation museum a bland shadow of once great self

New Barnes museum can’t replicate an idea

A Museum, Reborn, Remains True to Its Old Self, Only Better

(For anyone interested, the 2009 documentary about the fight to move the Barnes Foundation, The Art of the Steal, is streaming on Netflix.)

Bozeman Museum Awarded $2.3M in Donation Lawsuit

Australian art museum lures visitors with ‘poop machine’

This Week in the Museum’s History (Saving Art from Boston’s MFA during World War II)

No sex, please — it’s Ottawa: museum raises age limit for racy exhibition

Helium shortage has NY museum scrambling to fill replica of Civil War reconnaissance balloon

USGA museum in New Jersey burglarized

Taylor Swift gives $4M to Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum for children’s education center