Lauryn Weigold

Hi folks!

My name is Lauryn Weigold and I’m a first year Museum Education MA student. I’m from Las Vegas, Nevada but have lived in New York city, Boston, and Indiana. I spent the vast majority of my life wanting to be a public-school teacher, so my Bachelor’s is in Elementary Education (grades 1-6) from St. John’s University, but I also have a Master’s in Children’s Literature from Simmons University as well as a Master’s in Teaching of English for Adolescents (grades 7-12) from Teachers College, Columbia University. Despite being a lifelong lover of museums, I’m still new to working in them, having only worked at Minnetrista Museum & Gardens in Muncie, Indiana as both a retail associate in the Orchard Shop as well as a visitor connector in the main building before coming to Tufts.

Pivoting from classroom teaching to educating in museums is something I’m incredibly excited to learn more about, including working with audiences other than K-12 students, working in various institutions with different types of collections, and trying a little bit of everything. The interdisciplinary aspect of learning in the Tufts Museum Education program is actually one of the things that won me over and I look forward to having an opportunity to explore, learn, and broaden my curiosity and horizons throughout this program.