SoSOL Status 2012-09-27

Features available for beta testing with selected texts in TEI-A XML

  • Emendations to the XML of entire manuscripts.
  • Emendations to the XML of individual citations.
  • Citation selection interface which offers a choice between editing the XML of that citation, or adding/updating/deleting annotations for that citation.
  • Annotation interface which automatically creates CTS-urn enabled URIs for annotation targets and annotation bodies.
    • support for viewing target citation text and selecting one or more target subreference ranges from that text.
    • support for retrieving sources for annotations from registered CTS repositories and selecting a subreference range in the source citation text as the annotation body.
  • Preview for texts, citations and annotations
  • Submission of text and annotation changes for board approval and merging to the master repository.

Known Issues

  • Performance is still too slow, particularly for large texts.
  • The exact syntax for Annotation URIs (the annotations themselves, not the targets/bodies) and for the annotation creators is not definitive.
  • Annotation target and body URIs which reference subreferences and passage ranges are not yet resolvable as published (i.e. the Perseus CTS interface which services the uri space does not support passage subreferences or passage ranges yet).
  • The annotation interface doesn’t fully support fragments where there is a many-to-many relationship between the words in the annotation target and the words in the annotation source (e.g. see This type of annotation can’t be represented directly in OAC via use of CTS-enabled URIs, but could be accommodated via the annotations created by a tool like the Alpheios Alignment editor. See the Roadmap below for plans to integrate additional annotation tools.
  • You cannot selectively submit individual citations or annotations from a publication – it’s all or nothing.
  • Likewise, you cannot selectively *approve* individual citations or annotations from a publication.
  • Testing has only been done on the latest version of Firefox
  • The Board approval interface is not designed well for working with many citations or annotations on a single submission.

Changes and features on the future roadmap

  • A CTS namespace change is pending. Perseus texts will be moving off of the greekLang and latinLang namespace to greekLit and latinLit.
  • The ability to select a citation range as the target of an annotation.
  • Support for working with translations of TEI texts.
  • The ability to ingest and correct automatically created annotations.
  • The ability to deal with versioning conflicts across annotations and the source texts (e.g. when a change to a text will invalidate annotations on that text such as when a word referenced in a passage subreference for an annotation URI is changed in the source).
  • Integration with the Perseus FRBR catalog.
  • Links from Perseus to SoSOL (will be enabled on a limited basis for the Athenaeus hackathon)
  • Updated help and documentation.
  • Passage range and subreference support in the CTS interface at
  • Integration with specialized annotation tools for creating more complex annotations, such as the Alpheios Treebank and Alignment editors.


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