SoSOL Status 20120828

Status as of 2012-08-28


  • Inscriptions available for editing are listed under the ‘epifacs’ inventory
  • Inscriptions use the epidoc schema


  • Manuscripts available for editing are listed under the ‘perseus’ inventory
  • All Manuscripts are for beta testing only and changes made to them via the SoSOL interface are not yet guaranteed to be preserved!!!
  • Manuscripts use a custom version of the TEI-A schema
  • Once you select a citation to work with for a Manuscript, you can no longer edit the full XML for that manuscript directly. This is by design although this restriction may be lifted in the future.

Known Issues

  • Support for creation of new editions is only partially implemented. A manual step is currently required to update the CTS inventories once a new transcription and/or translation has been approved and committed
  • Only individual citations can be selected for editing when working with manuscripts.  Support for citation ranges will be added in a future update.
  • Translation support is still very buggy.   Templates for new inscription translations need work.  Manuscript translation support is not fully implemented.
  • Commentary feature for inscriptions is not fully working.
  • It’s not possible to submit only one item in a publication for review… it’s all or nothing.
  • Working with large texts can be very slow
  • Error handling for finalization of citations (i.e. merge back into full text) is not very robust


  • Finish the support for image integration. Currently, this is partially supported for inscriptions which have the url of a single image in the facs attribute of the <text> element of the epidoc file. The goal is to eventually handle this via support for annotations.
  • Fix problems with translations.
  • Enable submission of selected items from a publication.
  • Fix problems with commentary.
  • Add general identifier type for OAC annotations
  • Add support for creation of text-reuse annotations from within the text editor
  • Generalize support for alpheios plugins — i.e. remove hardcoding of greek language attribute in editor
  • Support selection of citation ranges for manuscripts
  • Support links in to a specific citation from Perseus
  • Add approved submissions of new editions to the supporting text inventory
  • Deployment issue: fix references to tei-xl.rng (currently requires symbolic link to data/templates under the tomcat server root
  • Deployment issue: fix ruby library conflicts in war.
  • Citation and TextInventory xml artifacts should remain only in users’ repos and not get committed to master
  • Improve CTS selection interface
  • Investigate performance issues — increase memory
  • Add import/upload feature
  • Add support for treebank/alignment annotations with direct export/import to/from Alpheios editors
  • Make error handling for finalization citations more robust and enable archiving of citations which can’t be automatically merged

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