SoSOL – Voting and Finalization Steps

Instructions for using the SoSOL voting and finalizing interface.

Note: To have access to this feature, you must be assigned to a board by the site administrator.


  1. Login to SoSOL and click on the Boards link on the right side of the page.
  2. A dropdown menu will list all the boards to which you belong. Click on the one you want to enter.
  3. This will bring you to the voting screen, which shows any publications pending approval. If none have been submitted, the list will be empty.
  4. Click on the publication title to see the details of the submitted changes. Any item which has changes ready for review will be indicated with a red flag.
  5. Click the Preview link to see the details of the changes, and submit your vote.
  6. Click the history link to see the details of the changes.
  7. Click on any change listed on the history page to see a file comparison detailing exactly what was changed.
  8. Click on the comments link to see user comments.
  9. Return to the voting page and submit your vote, selecting Approve or Reject from the dropdown menu, and entering a comment in the box.
  10. If you have Rejected the change, the user will be notified and be able to re-enter the publication to make any requested changes and resubmit.
  11. If you have Approved the change, the next step depends upon the workflow rules and number of votes received. Once the required number of Approve votes are received, the publication moves to the finalization stage.


  1. Follow Steps 1 and 2 under Voting instructions to access the Boards page
  2. Any publications pending Finalization will appear on the Finalize list.
  3. Click on the publication title
  4. Click on a Preview link
  5. Click on the History and Comments link to see the publication history and details of changes, as described under Voting instructions.
  6. You can edit the files to make any necessary final changes before finalizing.
  7. When you are ready to commit the files, click the Finalize link, add a comment and click Finalize to commit the changes.

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