Last summer I participated in the Cohen Children’s Hospital Summer Research Internship Program on Long Island. Many divisions of Cohen Children’s Hospital select from one to four students to participate in a research project for eight to ten weeks over the summer. I worked in the Allergy and Immunology Division, where I performed data collection for two separate studies for half the day, and had the opportunity to shadow doctors in the office for the rest of the day. In doing data collection, I learned how to read patient charts as well as how to understand the indications for many different blood tests and diseases for the studies I was working on: MBL deficiency and rituximab usage.  The Internship Program also provided a weekly lunch and presentation by researchers in the Northwell Health system who discussed the research they were conducting and how they reached their level of expertise in the medical field.  This experience was extremely rewarding, and I encourage anyone interested in medicine to apply to research internships that interest them and will help them expand their knowledge of the field as a whole.  

Brooke Juhel, Class of 2021