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The United Nations has announced a plan to alleviate world hunger and prevent famine. If the steps are implemented they may ease global food prices. But they won’t stop today’s famines, most of which are deliberately inflicted in the course of war.

Addressing man-made starvation needs political courage—and UN Secretary General António Guterres isn’t showing […]

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By Fetien Abay and Biadgilgn Demissie

The devastating effects of the war on Tigray have been witnessed by the people of Tigray, but are still hardly known to the world. Out of the news, Tigrayans are facing another year of famine – almost certainly even worse than what they have endured over the last 18 […]

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Abiy Ahmed—PhD?

On May 4, 2022 By

Does Abiy Ahmed have the skills needed to make peace? In this post I won’t examine his record in office but his capacity to understand peacemaking, based on his academic writing.

Abiy Ahmed was awarded a PhD from the Institute of Peace and Security Studies at Addis Ababa University in 2017. What does this tell […]

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by Daniel Berhane

Six weeks and counting. Tanks roll to besiege Ukrainian cities. Heavy artilleries and fighter jets roar overhead to intimidate Ukrainian civilians, wreck buildings and cripple the infrastructure. Distraught Ukrainians clamor for food and medical supplies and safe havens. Reports emerge of massacres and rapes.

The invading army insisted on referring to the […]

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The experience of a psychotherapist treating survivors of sexual violence in Tigray

This blog contribution describes the author’s discussions with Dr. Feven Tekelehaimanot, a Tigrayan psychotherapist who has been working with Tigrayan survivors of sexual violence perpetrated during the on-going war. The essay includes details of survivors’ accounts of violence that readers may find disturbing.


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On the eve of international women’s day, we are publishing a call from 15 women’s organizations to the United Nations to provide the services so desperately needed by survivors of conflict-related sexual violence in Tigray.

Their needs are particularly urgent, not only because of the scale of the crimes perpetrated against them, […]

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