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Boston Globe | Jan. 29, 2024

Tufts celebrates first class of incarcerated graduates at MCI-Concord, graduates of the Tufts prison initiative earned a diploma in Civic Studies by Ivy Scott. 

Boston Globe | Jan. 19, 2024

Tufts prison initiative gives grads the gift of hope, One soon-to-be-graduate said the program "helped me gain back that ineffable part of me that prison repressed—my humanity." By Rachelle G. Cohen. 

Tufts Daily | April 27, 2023

Students and faculty reflect on TUPIT: "A centerpiece of Tufts' work as a justice-oriented institution," reporter Sam Russo goes in-depth discussing the Tufts University Prison Initiative with participants in the program. 

Tufts Now | Mar. 17, 2023

Image by Abigail Cook from reSentecning Vol. 1 Rewriting Their Prison Stories, Sentence by Sentence, A first-of-its-kind national journal of literature and art gives voice to hundreds of people affected by incarceration. Written by Julie Flaherty. 

Tufts Daily | Feb. 15, 2023

TUPIT celebrates first volume of ReSentencing, success of educational program, TUPIT's reSentencing journal gallery opened on Tuesday February 7 in the lobby of Tuft University's Barnum Hall by Ella Kamm. 

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