Our Team

Founder and Executive Director

Hilary Binda

Hilary Binda has a PhD in English Literature and is a member of the Civic Studies Department at Tufts University. She teaches Writing, Poetry, and Gender Studies in the degree program at MCI-Concord. She also teaches an Inside-Out course at Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center called The Literatures of Confinement and directs the MyTERN reentry program on the Tufts University campus. In MyTERN, Binda teaches people returning from prison alongside some undergraduate students from Tufts University in courses titled The Literatures of Justice and Storytelling for Social Change. Binda is a co-producer of the MyTERN Conversations podcast and a founder and co-editor of ReSentencing, a journal of art and writing by people directly impacted by the legal system. Her current research aims to support the development of educational access, equity, decarceration, and decriminalization.

Academic and Assistant Director

Quinn Williamson

Quinn Williamson completed their MA in Philosophy from Tufts University with a focus on race, morality, and social and political thought and completed their BA at Howard University in Philosophy and Political Science. As an advocate for education and racial justice, Williamson founded the Urban Youth Alliance in 2014, where high school students from Jersey City, NJ worked as mentors and tutors with black and brown middle school students. Later on the organization expanded to include college coaching for black and brown students in the DC metropolitan area. As a member of the team, Williamson supports the director in ensuring the success of the program inside through curriculum planning, faculty and TA coordination, and academic advising. Williamson continues to co-teach in both the inside and reentry programs. 

Faculty Research Director

Jill Weinberg

Faculty Admissions Coordinator

Heather Curtis

ReSentencing Co-Editor

John Lurz

Faculty Advisory Committee

  • Hilary Binda
  • Heather Nathans
  • Heather Curtis
  • Kim Ruane
  • Jill Weinberg
  • John Lurz
  • Erin Kelly
  • Stephen Gabriel Barber
  • Kirby Johnson
  • Chantal Zakari
  • Susan Ernst
  • Kimberly Dong
  • Bridget Conley
  • Daanika Gordon
  • Dana Grossman-Leeman
  • Joanna Gray
  • Stephan Pennington
  • Gregory Crane
  • Jennifer Eyl
  • Susan Russinoff
  • Maria-Concepcion Lagunas Davis
  • Amy Millay
  • Katherine Swimm

TUPIT Faculty and Courses

School of Arts and Sciences
Tisch College of Civic Life
School of Engineering
Tufts University School of Medicine
School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University
The Fletcher School
Cohort One Fellows:
  • Shakir Abdullah
  • Rahim Gray
  • Joseph Irizarry
  • Devon McNeil
Cohort Two Fellows:
  • Steven Johnson
  • Bobby Iacoviello
  • Aaron Smith
  • Hector Bannister
  • Marie Lafontant
  • Eugene Ivey
Cohort Three Fellows:
  • Nurudeen Alabi
  • Rahmel Askari
  • Christina Bernbaum
  • Willie Cabrera
  • David Delvalle
  • Dararong Jimmy Heang
  • Jeff Raphael

TUPIT Tufts Undergraduate Student Coordinators

  • Lizzie Friedman
  • Jack Steen
  • Lizzie Friedman
  • Meira Downie
  • BR Rose
  • Claudia Guetta
  • Thomas Levy
  • Celia Strumph