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Join us for our general interest meeting / application information session. It will be held October 2nd in the Barnum Rabb Room from 12:00pm-1:15 pm. See you there!

Apply to become a Teaching Assistant at MCI-Concord for Spring 2024

Applications will open for Spring 2024 on October 1st 2023 and will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

TAing Inside: As a teaching assistant (TA), your support is essential to the degree program at MCI-Concord, a medium-security men’s prison about a 30-40 minute drive from Tufts’ Medford Campus. Your job is to provide support to your faculty members and help facilitate learning inside through two-hour recitation sections each week. The recitation sections will take place on a different day than your faculty member’s class. You will be partnered with 1-3 other Tufts students who have a similar experience with and interest in the course material. 

This is not volunteer labor as TAs earn a 4 credits for this work. Attending an additional class meeting on Fridays is required to earn this credit. Once accepted as a TA by your instructor, the TUPIT Director, and the MA DOC, you will be granted permission to register for CVS 0099: Internship for Social Change: Prison Justice Studies. There is also a graduate level section available for this course for graduate students.

Apply to enroll in the MyTERN program courses offered for Spring 2024

Applications will open for Spring 2024 on October 1st 2023 and will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

We will be offering two courses in Spring 2024:

  1. Storytelling for Social Change
  2. State and Local Government

The Tufts Education Reentry Network (MyTERN) program includes people impacted by incarceration and students from the Tufts Medford campus learning together in an environment organized by the principles and community-based values of transformative justice. MyTERN was co-created by TUPIT students from MCI-Concord, the TUPIT Director, a small group of Tufts undergraduates, and dedicated community members with deep knowledge of incarceration. MyTERN combines Civic Studies courses in higher learning with community involvement supported by our broad network of partner organizations.

The Inside-Out Course is only offered in the Spring and will not be running for Tufts Medford students in Spring 2024

Tufts University has offered a credit-bearing course for incarcerated people and non-incarcerated Tufts students at MCI-Shirley, Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center, and MCI-Concord. Inside-Out courses are taught by faculty members trained through the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program to lead “courses that allow participants to encounter each other as equals, often across profound social barriers.” The practice of bringing inside and outside students together for “engaged and informed dialogue allows for transformative learning experiences that invite participants to take leadership in addressing crime, justice, and other issues of social concern.” This course is open to Tufts undergraduate and graduate students and requires faculty permission after a written application and faculty interview.

“The Petey Greene Program supports the academic goals of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people through high-quality volunteer tutoring programs, while educating volunteers on the injustice manifest in our carceral system.”

Join the Students Prison Education and Activism Coalition

Visit the SPEAC link tree for more information: https://linktr.ee/speactufts

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