(The image above is from our 2019 Symposium and features panel presenters, several of whom are part of our partner network. From left to right: Terrell Blount, Lynne Sullivan, Gerelyn Baez, Stanley Andrisse, Zeke Idiagbonya, Joseph Labriola, Andrew Cannon and Hilary Binda).

TUPIT works in partnership with local and national networks of individuals, groups, and organizations working to improve the system of criminal justice through access to education:

We remain grateful for the early and essential help we received from the following local and national leaders in prison education:

  • Robert Scott, Cornell Prison Education Program
  • Jody Lewen, Prison University Project
  • Carole Cafferty and Lee Pearlman, MIT’s TEJI
  • Ed Wiltse, The Jail Project, Rochester Education Justice Initiative
  • Bob Cadigan and Jim Matesanz, Boston University Prison Education Program
  • Jean Trounstine, Changing Lives through Literature
  • Jenifer Drew of Stone Associates, Lasalle College
  • MA Department of Correction: Jamie Camacho, Brian Hogan, John Afonso, Mary Haynes, Megan Crowley, Talene Bare, & Dennis O’Neil

We also thank the TUPIT JumboCode team for supporting our Degree Program:

  • Tech Lead: Tyler Thompson
  • Project Manager: Jackson Parsells
  • Designer: Ramona Xi
  • Full stack developers:
    • Duru Ugurlu
    • Eddie Hatfield
    • Jason Xu
    • Michael Simpson
    • Nick Doan
    • Sara Francis
    • Sarah Svahn
    • Skylar Gilfeather
    • Taarika Bala