In the newly-released MyTERN Podcast, we engage in conversations about life before, during, and after incarceration. Through personal story-telling, we expose systems and inequities that shaped our experiences, shining light on the deep structures of racial, gender, and economic injustice. We are equally interested in the role of education and community-building in helping us to heal and help others heal and in helping us to make change not only in our lives but in the world around us. Through MyTERN Conversations, we challenge ourselves and our listeners to rethink entrenched stereotypes about people impacted by the carceral state. We investigate assumptions and judgments about difference and diversity and celebrate growth, healing, education, friendship, and the power of collective civic impact. 

A project dedicated to this topic is one dedicated to humanity, equality, education through civic engagement, and justice. Learn directly from formerly incarcerated men and women: join the MyTERN Conversations. 

  • Click HERE to listen to all 3 episodes from season 1
  • Click HERE to listen to all 4 episodes from season 2
  • Click HERE to listen to all 4 episodes from season 3


Thanks to the following Tufts staff team for their support: Hilary Binda, Quinn Williamson, Kim Forero-Arnias, David Grogan, Chelcie Rowell

And thanks to the following Tufts student teams:

  1. Season One (2021): Molly Gould, Claudia Guetta, Alex Lein, Thomas Levy, Ella Missan, Miguel Rothe, Celia Strumph, Will Youman
  2. Season Two (2022): Andi Boe, Fiona Davis-Walsh, Meira Downie, Molly Gould, Claudia Guetta, Ella Missan, Margaret Parish, Miguel Rothe, Celia Strumph
  3. Season Three (2023): Meira Downie, Louise Bond, Ariel Derby, Campbell Devlin, Emile Naccasha, Julia Napolitan, BR Rose, Paola Ruiz, Francisco Salazar, Sophie Swartz, Sammy Thurm


Content Warning: This podcast series contains material about emotional and physical trauma and abuse — especially experienced by women and BIPOC — that may be upsetting to some audiences.

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