ReSentencing Journal

The ReSentencing Journal is a collection of poems, stories, essays, and visual art pieces compiled into a beautiful book. The journal highlights art created by currently and formerly incarcerated individuals and acts as a platform for creative expression. This project seeks to represent and reimagine the experience of imprisonment and freedom in the U.S. from a personal point of view from the perspective of people who have extraordinary talent and a tremendous amount to teach.

Now accepting submissions to ReSentencing Volume 2!

We are proud to announce that the second volume of ReSentencing is now in development!

The ReSentencing Project is seeking submissions of original work by writers and artists who are currently or previously incarcerated or otherwise impacted by the criminal legal system. The journal will publish work in the following four genres: Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction/Essay, and Visual Art. Submissions will now be accepted through April 30, 2024, with special attention to Visual Art and Fiction, at the email and mailing address listed below

Selected submissions will be published in volume 2 of the print journal. The people who submit what the editorial board selects as the top 4 submissions in each category (first, second, and third place, and honorary mention) will each receive $100

The publication is expected to be completed in 2025.

E-mail submissions to:

Mail submissions to: 


163 Packard Ave. 

Medford, MA 02155

Submissions of original work must include an introductory letter with:

  1. Name and (if applicable) commitment number
  2. Address/location and email address (if you have one)
  3. Title of piece
  4. Category of work submitted for consideration (Nonfiction/Essay, Fiction, Poetry, Visual Art)
  5. If submitting a written piece, please keep under 1500 words.
  6. If submitting a Visual Art piece, send original work OR a high quality photograph (digital or print) and include materials used to create the work (ie. pencil drawing, magazine collage, paint).
  7. A clear statement of consent for publication in the printed journal and website by stating clearly the following: I give my consent for publication in the print journal if I am selected and in the ReSentencing digital archive. (We cannot publish without this.)
  8. An address to send Visa Gift Card prize if your submission is selected as one of the top 4 in your category for the print publication. If you do not have an address where we can send a gift card, we may be able to find something. 
  9. If you would like visual art returned, you must send a self-addressed stamped envelope or explain any circumstances making that impossible and we will do our best to send it back to the address you provide after we have photographed it.
Please note that we cannot accept simultaneous or previously published work. 
ReSentencing Vol. 2 Advisory Board Members
  • Reginald Dwanye Betts
  • Abigail Child
  • George Chocos 
  • Nicole Fleetwood
  • Michelle Daniel Jones
  • Helen Elaine Lee
  • Sanda Lim 
  • Ravi Shankar

ReSentencing Volume 1

All submissions, including those not published in the journal, are available for public access through the Tufts Archival Research Center database here.

The ReSentencing  Vol 1. advisory board included:

Reginald Dwayne Betts, George Chochos, Michelle Daniel Jones, Helen Elaine Lee, Sandra Lim, and ZZ Packer

The ReSentencing Vol 1.editorial board included:

Kevin Dunn, Rahim Gray, Joseph Irizarry, Erin Kelly, Kareem Khubchandani, Anthony Romero, Abigail Satinsky, Michael Smoot, Jessica Sutton, Anna Vodicka, Tess Wheelwright, and Chantal Zakari

The ReSentencing co-editors:

Hilary Binda and John Lurz