Information for Our Submitters

August 2022 Update for those who submitted to the journal: 

The first volume of ReSentencing has been distributed to everyone who has submitted work!

A ReSentencing journal has been sent out to ALL submitters, not just to those whose work was included in the printed volume.  If you have not received a copy, there are multiple reasons why that may be the case. It is possible that the facility rejected the copy or that you were transferred or released and we do not have your current address or the address of someone outside to whom we could send your copy. Please feel free to contact us at the email or address below if you have any questions.

We are also in the process of trying to pay out the honoraria for people whose work was included in the print journal. This has been extremely complex, and we appreciate your patience. If you have a person who can receive this money for you, please write or email with the best address for this stipend.

CORRESPONDENCE BY MAIL AND EMAIL: We ask for your patience. If you are a contributor who has not yet sent an address with instructions for the stipend, please email us at or mail us at ReSentencing, 163 Packard Avenue., Medford, MA 02155

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