Information for Our Submitters

February 2024 Update

We have launched the Call for Submissions for ReSentencing Volume 2! You can learn more about the guidelines here. If we received a submission after the  June 1, 2021 deadline for the first volume of ReSentencing, we will consider your work for volume 2. 

CORRESPONDENCE BY MAIL AND EMAIL: Starting January 1st 2024, please submit to Volume 2 by emailing us at or mailing us at 


163 Packard Avenue

Medford, MA 02155

July 2023 Update

Starting January 1st 2024, ReSentencing Volume 2 will begin a call for submissions. We will be looking for works of poetry, stories, essays, and visual art related to incarceration. Our first journal, published in Spring of 2022, highlights 150 artists picked from 800 submissions of work.

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