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This page is dedicated to sharing our knowledge of reentry resources in MA. Coming home, formerly incarcerated people face barriers to reentry at nearly every turn. Our MyTERN program seeks to holistically address reentry and we encourage you to read more about the program. For those whom MyTERN might be a good fit after a year of being home, we encourage you to check out the resources below. This is not a complete list, and we will continue to edit it and add resources as we are informed of them. We also recommend connecting with our partners at the Mayor’s Office of Returning Citizens for support upon returning home. 

If you have any programs to suggest, resources to add, or feedback about this page email


North Suffolk Mental Health: TUPIT and North Suffolk Mental Health have an employment partnership where our MyTERN students are considered for career paths. Employees work as coaches, mentors, and mental health supporters. Formerly incarcerated people are encouraged to apply!

MassHire: The MassHire Metro South/West Career Centers provide employment support to low-income, unemployed adults. MassHire helps people evaluate their current skills and choose vocational training programs.

SNAP Path to Work: SNAP helps unemployed people find jobs and get skills trainings across MA. Their services support formerly incarcerated people.

Health Care

MassHealth (for formerly incarcerated people): MassHealth helps connect justice involved individuals with behavioral/mental health providers.

Arbour Hospital: The Arbour Hospital offers mental health and substance use treatment options varying from partial hospitalization programs to outpatient care.

Open Sky Community Services: Open Sky supports people with behavioral health challenges, developmental disabilities, autism, and brain injuries. They also work to find housing for people experiencing homelessness.


Justice 4 Housing (J4H): Justice 4 Housing provides housing and family reunification through policy, advocacy and service. J4H works to abolish discriminatory housing practices. They provide appointments for housing support.

Project Place: Project Place provides housing assistance and career and skill development to help low-income and homeless individuals find and sustain housing and employment.

New Beginnings: New Beginnings is a sober living program for men that are working toward independent living. The program lasts two years and requires a recommendation from a substance abuse recovery program or sober house where the individual has demonstrated a significant amount of continuous sobriety. 

Community Building

Supporting Transitions and Reentry (STAR): STAR is a community based, government supported program that provides programing in a variety of skills ranging from educational support to relapse prevention to parenting.

Transformational Prison Project (TPP): The Transformational Prison Project runs restorative justice circles, hosts facilitator trainings, and embodies community care. We work closely with them and in the spring semester of MyTERN, TPP facilitators lead our students in restorative justice.

Community Justice Support Centers: Community Justice Support Centers offer pre-trial support and reentry community engagement at a variety of locations.

Thrive Communities: Thrive Communities works to build community and to support formerly incarcerated people coming home by hosting circles to help people engage in the local community. 


Bunker Hill Community College: Bunker Hill Community College offers associate degrees and certificates. For our students inside MCI-Concord, we partner with BHCC as they earn their associate degree and then help students apply to finish their bachelor’s degrees from Tufts University. MyTERN graduates are supported in their academic pursuits with our BHCC partnership. For folks coming home who want to work toward their associate degree, BCHH is the place.

Petey Greene: Petey Greene offers tutoring support for currently and formerly incarcerated people working toward high school equivalencies and college degrees. Contact to connect with our valued partner (the MA and RI representative).

Quinsigamond Community College Cooking Program: Quinsigamond Community College offers a variety of associate degree programs and college certificate programs. They also host a Culinary Institute for Returning Citizens.

Food Access

SNAP (Formerly Food Stamps): SNAP provides monthly funds on an EBT card to buy food for those who qualify.

The Greater Boston Food Bank: The Greater Boston Food Bank provides free meals and offers support in filling out SNAP applications. By clicking on the organization title, the website allows you to search for food agencies in your area.

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