Teaching with TUPIT

Please note that all courses are planned one to three years in advance for teaching in our degree programs inside prison and for the MyTERN program.

How to Get Involved:

Faculty members interested in teaching in TUPIT are invited to begin by completing the provided form above. TUPIT administration will then reach out to schedule an initial meeting. This meeting offers an opportunity to discuss faculty expectations, course preparation timelines, and how your expertise can integrate with our curriculum.

Support and Resources:

Once scheduled to teach, faculty members gain access to valuable resources on trauma-informed pedagogy and restorative justice practices. We encourage you to leverage your teaching strengths while embracing trauma-informed pedagogy and anti-racist praxis, reflecting TUPIT’s commitment to racial justice and transformative educational justice.

Our Commitment and Community:

At TUPIT, we trust our faculty to center our students’ learning experience in the classroom. It’s essential for faculty to uphold MADOC guidelines regarding student and staff privacy, refraining from using students’ prison experiences in any public or published forum.

TUPIT has collaborated with faculty from over 20 departments at Tufts University and other institutions like Harvard University, Bunker Hill Community College, and Wellesley College. While faculty from other institutions are welcome to submit the form, we currently prioritize Tufts faculty for teaching opportunities. Our faculty consistently report incredible teaching experiences within our program, and we are confident you will too.

“Through TUPIT, I have also gained a greater appreciation for the transformative role of education both within and beyond the traditional academy. Working with students at MCI-Concord was one of the most intense and inspiring pedagogical experiences of my teaching career.”

Heather Curtis, Professor of Religion and History at Tufts

“My teaching experience at MCI-Concord inspired me and renewed my love for philosophy. I was humbled by the profound appreciation and appetite I witnessed in the classroom for personal growth and reflection through philosophical ideas.”

Erin Kelly, Professor Philosophy at Tufts

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