About RodRego

RodRego is a simple register machine simulator illustrating the computational capabilites of the INC/DEB language model. See links below to download the product.

Secrets of Computer Power Revealed 2008” is an introduction to register machines, and the assembly language used by RodRego. If you read through it, and do the exercises, you will be a master of register machines in no time.

Web-Based RodRego

Try RodRego on your browser here. Please email edtech@tufts.edu if you encounter any problems or have any questions.

RodRego – Downloads

Note: The downloadable versions of RodRego are no longer being supported by Tufts University.

Windows 9x/XP

RodRego v1.3 for Win9x/2000/NT/ME/XP Download
RodRego v1.3 Source Code Download
RodRego v1.2 for Win9x/2000/NT/ME/XP Download
RodRego v1.2 Source Code Download
RodRego v1.2 Source Code (PDF) Download

Mac OS X / Mac OS Classic

RodRego v1.4 for Mac OS X Download
RodRego v1.3 for Mac OS Classic Download
RodRego v1.4 Source Code (Mac OS) Download

Power Point Demos

Add Demo Download
Multiply Demo Download
Simple Demo Download
Extended Demo Download

History of RodRego

The project was launched back in 1986 at Tufts University by Prof. Daniel Dennett. As a result, the RodRego simulator for DOS was produced. Click here to download the original version .

Evolution of RodRego

1986 Version of RodRego

1986 Version of RodRego

Current Version of RodRego

Current Version of RodRego


Author – Daniel Dennett
Programmer – Nikolai Shvertner
Producer – Anoop Kumar
Coordinator – Ranjani Saigal
System Support – Matthew Mcvey
Advisors – David Kahle, Steven Cohen

Website – David Grogan.

  • Contact

    Daniel C. Dennett, Director
    Center for Cognitive Studies
    Tufts University
    Medford, MA 02155-7059
    (617) 627-3297/fax: (617) 627-3952
    email: ddennett@tufts.edu