Here is information for instructors on how to administer their section of the course they are teaching.

(1) Academic Calendar

Keep track of the Tufts Academic Calendar and be aware of when there are holidays, make-up days, and other deadlines.

FYI, here is the AS&E Faculty Meeting Schedule:

(2) Block Schedule and Exam Schedules

Know which Tufts Block your class falls and know when (semester by semester) the Final Exam Block has been scheduled.

(3) Future Swap (Add then Drop) Instructions for Students

If students are asking about your waitlist, and how to register for another section while staying ON your waitlist, here are instructions for students on using this SIS option (e.g. send them this link):

(4) Enrolling your Class Waitlist

Here is information on how to go about Enrolling your Class Waitlist:

(5) Giving Student Permission to Register

Here is information on how to give a student Permission to Register for your Section:

(6) Other Questions

Any other questions, concerns, or issues please reach out to one of the following:

  • – Coordinator of First-Year Courses within School of Engineering: Ethan Danahy
  • – Course Updates for adjusting any information listed in SIS:
  • – Dean of Undergraduate Education for School of Engineering: Chris Swan
  • – Any member of the School of Engineering Advising Staff: Engineering Advising
  • – Your individual department Chair or Admins