Welcome to HSA!

Welcome to HSA!

Meetings every Tuesday 8pm at Goddard Chapel!

The Hindu Students Association is an organization dedicated to the preservation and understanding of Hindu culture and ideology at Tufts. For the past few years, we have been bringing the campus together with various pujas and celebrations.

Our purpose as an organization is to provide community to those interested in Hinduism to include perspectives in a working space. We aim to further our education in both the faith-based and societal aspects of Hinduism, and in development of our individual and collective voice. 

We do this through providing space for learning and growing through our events, our partnerships, our conversations, our connections, and our collective commitment to creating an inclusive community and educating ourselves.

Some of our events:

Diwali Pooja: HSA holds an annual Diwali Pooja, that allows all Tufts Students to attend to listen and participate in a pooja conducted by a Poojari. The Poojari walks everyone through all the prayers and their significance. During this time everyone can listen to prayers in both its original language and in its english translation. Also everyone is provided with their own plate with offerings ranging from kumkuma and sandal powders to water, rice and a tea light to light up the image of Lakshmi and Ganesha.

Holi Celebration: HSA also throws a school wide Holi Celebration (usually held on Res Quad). This event has plenty of color to be thrown, music, food, water, and is a ton of fun. This event usually also has showcases by traditional Indian dance groups.