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Ira M. Herman, Ph.D. TIWR Director

Ira M. Herman, Ph.D. TIWR Director.

At the Center for Innovations in Wound Healing, we recognize that significant advances in our understanding the biology of wound healing have yet to be fully exploited in the technologies that are currently available for patient or combat casualty care. Because of this, basic and clinical investigators at Tufts University have united with colleagues from partnering institutions to form The Tufts Center for Innovations in Wound Healing Research (TIWR).

This multi-investigator and cross-disciplinary regenerative medicine- and wound healing-based initiative combines expertise in epithelial cell and extracellular matrix biology, the angiogenesis of wound healing, stem cell biology, and the cellular biology of wound healing/tissue regeneration. TIWR investigators and clinician scientists are now leveraging their expertise in regenerative medicine and wound repair science with cutting-edge technologies in biomaterials sciences and nano-fabrication processing to create innovative, personalized wound healing therapeutics, including “next-generation” wound care products for civilian or soldier use.