Yewevu In The Metric Matrix

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     I am Professor David Locke, author of “Yewevu in the Metric Matrix,” published in Music Theory Online (MTO), 16(4.4), 2010 ( As an appendix to the MTO paper, the site features recordings of my own performance of the music discussed in the MTO article. Made with multitrack recording technology, these audio files provide full mixes of all the instruments together in ensemble and, perhaps more exciting, the site’s online mixer enables users to hear the parts in various combination. The mixer should allow readers of the MTO article to better understand the analytic discussion of the various parts and to actually hear the music that is graphically represented in the notation examples. For musicians with the ambition to perform this music, these recordings provide study materials for each part and the sound of the full ensemble in a concert-style arrangement.

     Also on the site are Listening Guides that chart over time the lead drum themes and variations. Please use these charts to find the precise location of the lead drum material that is discussed in the MTO article. I have also included brief remarks about my experience of the playing the music.