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This site is for Eliot-Pearson alumni and friends, anyone who has been connected to the Eliot-Pearson community through having been a child development major, a graduate student, a faculty or staff member – all whose lives have been shaped or influenced by Eliot-Pearson. Right now the focus is on sharing stories of days and years at Eliot-Pearson, stories about classmates, faculty, and on Eliot-Pearson’s contribution to our understanding of children and how to serve children. These stories will be of interest to everyone connected to Eliot-Pearson. They will also be important for the “History Project” aimed at putting together a book and history of Eliot-Pearson – to be published in time for Eliot-Pearson’s fiftieth anniversary as a Tufts department.

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  1. Richard Julian says:

    I am not connected to the Eliot-Pearson school by any means but I do have a connection with maybe some of the people who knew Miss Beatrice Spaulding. Miss Spaulding was a tenant in the house my dad owned in Roslindale Ma. We bought the house in 1961. Miss Spaulding was already living there when my dad purchased the home. I was 10 years old in 1961. I have four siblings two younger two older and we were blessed to have Miss Spaulding in our lives. She was a help to us in our struggles as we grew. I remember meeting Tony Salatan in her apt one day and that was huge since I used to watch him at school on tv. Just thinking of her brings back warm memories from childhood. I am 61 and am grateful to have lived one street over from the Arnold Arboretum in the time of the 60s and 70s with an exceptional lady whose gentleness has touched myself and many others. R. Julian

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