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Welcome back to the Tufts Engineers Without Borders 2015-2016 website!  
We are a student group at Tufts University that works on sustainable engineering projects in developing countries. We currently have two open projects in El Salvador and Uganda. Please look around our site to get more information on our projects and other events we’re working on.

Please join us in Anderson 212 on Wednesday, September 21st at 9 pm for the EWB GIM. We welcome all Tufts students including:

  • Engineers
  • Spanish majors
  • Community Health Majors
  • Economics/IR Majors
  • Anyone interested in working towards our common goal: To utilize our knowledge to make a difference on the global scale with respect to water access and quality.


Current Projects

Past Projects


If you would like to donate to Tufts EWB please visit our donation page for instructions. Thanks!