Current Local Projects:

*Not affiliated with EWB USA

Tufts EWB has started multiple local projects as a way for club members to get more hands-on engineering experience at our weekly meetings. These include a Malawi-inspired greenhouse to be built on the Tufts campus and two park restoration projects in Olmsted Park and Jamaica Pond within the Emerald Necklace Conservatory in Boston.

Current International Projects:

Tufts EWB is working on projects in Malawi and Nicaragua that focus on clean water access. Each team travels at least once a year, performing assessments, monitoring, and implementing new designs. Throughout the year our teams meet to design structurally sound water solutions, communicate with non-government organizations in participating countries and community members, and communicate and collaborate with other EWB groups across the nation and groups with similar interests at Tufts. Group members gain experience writing and applying for grants as well as working with other students to apply what they have learned in the classrooms at Tufts to designs that can drastically impact the lives of individuals who need it the most.

In the past, Tufts EWB projects have focused on increased clean water access to communities. The first EWB project was located in Tibet, followed by projects in Haiti, Ecuador, El Salvador, Uganda, and finally, our current project areas. Tufts EWB makes a strong effort to collaborate with other student groups on campus and across the nation. We have worked with students from Stanford, Brown, Northeastern, and Boston University, as well as the EWB Boston Professional Chapter, and we continue to look forward to reaching out to other groups.