Emerald Necklace

We are also working on a local project in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood in Boston. We have partnered with The Emerald Necklace Conservancy along with several professors and professional advisors to collaborate on two main projects. The projects are based in Olmsted Park and Jamaica Pond, where we are helping to work on erosion control and runoff issues. This project provides the exciting opportunity for anyone in the club to get hands-on experience with the design and construction process. We have been given a lot of freedom for this project and we are excited to work together to find a sustainable solution for these issues.

Connecting With the Community

Community Engagement

  • Signs or pamphlets on site
  • Informational community meetings
  • Contacts for them to reach out to if they have questions


  • Connect with organizations
    • Educate community
    • Present at schools
    • Inform on practices to limit erosion

High Schools

  • Connect with local high schools for volunteer opportunities
    • Fenway High School
    • Brookline High School


  • Create committee of local volunteers
    • Upkeep of the park
    • Report early signs of erosion