Who are we?

Tufts Engineers Without Borders (EWB) is a student group at Tufts University that designs and implements sustainable engineering projects in developing communities.

EWB at Tufts is unique in that it includes liberal arts and engineering students who work together to integrate the conceptual and technical strengths of both schools and thereby strengthen our chapter’s projects in the communities in which we work.

What do we do?

Tufts EWB works with professional and faculty mentors to design technologically sound projects in communities who express their desire to partner with us.

To ensure the sustainability of our projects, we build robust relationships with our partner communities and use participatory methods to address their most pressing needs.

Throughout the lifespan of our projects, the communities are highly involved in the assessing, designing, implementing, and monitoring phases.

Come join us!

Please join us:

 Tuesdays from 9-10 in Anderson 208 for the Malawi and Nicaragua Project meetings

Mondays from 9-10 in Anderson 208 for the committee meeting. Check out our calendar for more events!