Leader Statements

Statements by leaders of states, relating to the personality and work of Constantine Karamanlis

With Eisenhower“Your present government and its chief officer, your distinguished Prime Minister, have demonstrated such achievements as to render them worthy successors of your illustrious forefathers.“
–Dwight Eisenhower

“His personality greatly impressed me. He is a man of politics who has faced many problems, which he sees and sees through with precision and clarity.“ 
–Konrad Adenauer

Constantine Karamanlis with Charles De Gaulle“In this country, whose political life resembles the lacework of its coastline and is in as sharp relief as the outline of its mountains, Konstantinos Karamanlis is able to govern.“ 
–Charles De Gaulle

Constantine Karamanlis with Valery Gisard d'Estaing“It is not Greece that entered the Common Market, it is Karamanlis. He is the personification of two virtues: dignity and simplicity.” 
–Valéry Giscard d’Estaing
Constantine Karamanlis with James Callaghan

“He became prime minister at a critical moment in his country’s history, and under his wise and steady leadership democracy was re-established and peace was preserved despite the considerable provocations threatening them. He rendered exceptional services to his homeland and to Europe.” 
–James Callaghan

Constantine Karamanlis with John Kennedy“He is one of Europe’s eminent political figures. To tell the truth, I should say I consider him the most eminent of all.“ 
–John Kennedy

Constantine Karamanlis with Helmut Kohl

“In the last fifty years, Konstantinos Karamanlis has shaped his country’s political life in an exemplary manner. As minister and prime minister he resolutely worked at the structuring of a stable democratic regime in Greece. The restoration of democracy after the end of the military dictatorship and the country’s incorporation in the European Union will ever remain linked to his name. In both his terms of office as President of the Republic, Konstantinos Karamanlis remained faithful to his unequivocal political dogma. He was a supreme representative of your country. “ 
–Helmut Kohl

Constantine Karamanlis with Francois Mitterand“You are the father of institutions which, despite adversities and possibilities, were able to be integrally preserved in an atmosphere and an environment of stability and at this moment I have to admit that there does not exist in Europe another such example of rare equilibrium. “ 
–François Mitterand

Constantine Karamanlis with George Bush“You, Mr. President, played an outstanding role of significance in preserving the torch of liberty for half a century. Many were supporters of democracy, but only a few gallants stood up to be counted when they were called upon to neutralize despotism and restore the democratic values to government and society. You, Mr. President, are one of those few. “ 
–George Bush

Constantine Karamanlis with Harold Wilson“The British people welcomed and with profound admiration followed the personal achievement of Mr. Karamanlis and his government in restoring democracy to Greece. If there were a Nobel Prize for Democracy, he who should receive it is Konstantinos Karamanlis.“ –Harold Wilson

Constantine Karamanlis with Sandro Pertini“In your person your country found an inspired statesman who was able to bring about the conditions for restoring Greece to the road of democracy. In my travels about the world I met numerous politicians. To my mind Karamanlis holds a special place with his strong perspicacity and great genius.” 
–Sandro Pertini

Constantine Karamanlis with Anwar Sadat“In our country we harbour particular esteem for Mr. Karamanlis, whom we consider the saviour of Greece and the builder of Democracy after all you suffered during the dictatorship. The Egyptian people admire the judiciousness and high level of the policy he follows.”
–Anwar Sadat

Constantine Karamanlis with Jacques Chirac“The enormous work that was achieved by this great man, who was linked to France by special bonds of sentiment, who was head of government and then at the head of the Greek state, will remain alive in the conscience of both our peoples.“ 
–Jacques Chirac

Constantine Karamanlis with Helmut Schmidt“Karamanlis was the only person I knew in these years who was trustworthy and on whose word you could rely… Today your name expresses the return of Greece into the circle of European democratic nations.” 
–Helmut Schmidt

Constantine Karamanlis with Pierre Trudeau“Konstantinos Karamanlis is the Dean of European politicians.“ 
–Pierre Trudeau

Constantine Karamanlis with Juan Carlos“You dedicated your life to the service of your country and you served it in a variety of circumstances. You endured moments of profound sorrow when the Greek people found itself under a dictatorship, but your destiny called you forth, again by your hand to guide the nation to democracy and reconciliation.” 
–Juan Carlos

Constantine Karamanlis with Pope John Paul II“In the execution of his important responsibilities, this political leader sought to serve his country in a magnanimous spirit and to contribute to its positive course on the road of democracy.” 
–Pope John Paul II