We’ve linked to several news items in the past few weeks covering the removal of artwork at the National Gallery of Art and the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art.

Both museums have removed artwork from their galleries, either after public protest or the anticipation of public protest. Both are receiving praise and condemnation for those actions. Recently, the Washington Post called for Smithsonian Secretary G. Wayne Clough to step down in light of the scandal.

We’ve recently been made aware of a great blog, Hyperallergic, that covers exactly these issues: sensitive artwork, protests, and questions of censorship. Hyperallergic has a good series of posts covering the issues with the National Gallery and the LA MOCA. Check out the links below, and then spend more time reading the rest of this interesting, thought-provoking blog.

For the National Gallery issue, you’ll want to follow the tags for David Wojnarowicz, National Portrait Gallery, and Hide/Seek.

For the LA MOCA, check out Blu, Jeffrey Deitch, and LA MOCA.