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Three New Blogs to Highlight

Today we’re highlighting three very interesting and interrelated blogs that appear on our blogroll, to the lower right of these posts. All three write eloquently and with definite points of view about issues of security, cultural property, and legal implications in the museum world.

Museum Security Network – Primarily a news aggregation website for all things related to museum security. The Museum Security Network was founded by Ton Cremers, former head of security at Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum, and calls itself “the main channel for the distribution of news and information pertaining to cultural property protection, preservation, conservation, and security.”

Elginism – Really interesting blog about questions of cultural property. It has a definite point of view (the site’s name comes from its created definition of Elginism: “n. 1801. An act of cultural vandalism”) but a broad scope, and some really thoughtful exposition. Well worth following.

The Art Law Blog – Terrific and informative news about law in the art world, which naturally has a lot of crossover with museums. The mix of contemplative posts as well as current issues is especially good.

Museums in the News – The Opening and Closing Roundup

Welcome to the fourth Museums in the News roundup.

Big news for this week is that the US House of Representatives has confirmed the IMLS re-authorization. We wrote about the Senate’s approval of the IMLS re-authorization here. Learn more about the House re-authorization, as well as how you can thank your representatives, here.

On to other important and interesting headlines of the week.

Peter C. Marzio, Houston Museum Director, Dies at 67 (Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas)

Canal museum is a no-brainer (Buffalo, New York)

Use suggested for former museum (Chapel Hill Museum, Chapel Hill, North Carolina)

Students Take Virtual Tour of Museum (Museum of Russian Icons, Clinton, Massachusetts)

Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art Paints over Mural (Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, CA)

Mystery deepens: New sculpture left at Boulder History Museum (Boulder History Museum, Boulder, Colorado)

Penis pumps and rulers: inside Thailand’s first condom museum (Condom Museum, Nonthaburi, Thailand)

Strange Montana Attractions (Miracle of America Museum, Polson, Montana)

De Young draws the line on sketching (M.H. De Young Memorial Museum, San Francisco, California)

Military in Afghanistan to Run Museum Marathon (Museum of Aviation, Robins Air Force Base, Warner Robins, Georgia)

State History Museum in Tacoma would close under Gregoire’s plan (Washington State History Museum, Tacoma, Washington)

Museum has $15,000 in HVAC Stolen During Snow Day (Behringer-Crawford Museum, Covington, Kentucky)

Resources for Weathering the Financial Storm from AASLH

At a panel at NEMA focused on emerging museum directors and professionals, one of the topics that the audience felt they had trouble finding resources about was finances.

I’ve just discovered that the American Association for State & Local History has put together a really excellent guide for museums and other nonprofits during our current difficult economic times.

Check it out: Resources for Weathering the Financial Storm

Shaping Outcomes: Making a Difference in Libraries and Museums

I know, I’m all about the free online learning lately, but – there are so many quality resources out there to help museum professionals that I can’t restrain myself.

Shaping Outcomes, in their own words:

  • Provides an online curriculum in outcomes-based planning and evaluation (OBPE)
  • Is designed for library and museum professionals as well as students in those fields
  • Teaches the concepts and vocabulary of outcomes-based planning and evaluation (OBPE)
  • Helps participants develop the skills necessary for producing a logic model using OBPE
  • Was developed as a cooperative project between the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) and Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)

Shaping Outcomes can be used as:

  • A self-paced online tutorial
  • An instructor-mediated distance learning course
  • A curriculum for library science and museum studies classes
  • The basis for in-person or distance learning workshops

TED: Ideas Worth Spreading

Museums are in trouble. That’s not news to anyone in the field right now. We need big ideas to take us forward into this next century – we need to reimagine what we’re doing, and why, and how.

Your guess is as good as mine as to where those ideas will come from. But that’s no reason not to keep searching. One great place to turn for ideas is the TED Conference. The conference describes itself as “riveting talks by remarkable people.” The technology industry has turned to this conference for years to get pointers on the future.
Why not museums next? Check it out.

TED: Ideas Worth Spreading

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