I know you’re all keeping busy this summer with internships, summer jobs, and beating the heat, but surely we all have some time for edifying reading, right?

The Stanford Social Innovation Review is a really great magazine with a great deal of application for museums. It focuses on just what it says – innovative ways to solve social problems. That can mean new delivery models for services, better nonprofit administration and governance, more creative funding sources, and a ton of other things.

The subscription is a bit pricey at $54.95 per year, but here’s the good news: you can log in via the Tufts network. Not only that, but their website is terrific, with lots of free content. Their blog has a wealth of thoughtful opinions about nonprofit administration – the kind that really makes sense and can make an impact, not the theoretical, airy kind. There are podcasts and book reviews.

There’s a lot to read there, but even sampling it and ad